Monday, September 29, 2008


""Oh look," she implored him. But what was there to look at? A few sheep. That was all." (pg. 26)

In this scene, Lucrezia is trying to make Septimus notice the young boys playing cricket in the park since the doctor told her that Septimus needed to look at things outside his own head. However, Septimus is having none of it. Since coming home from batle, Septimus has lost all hope in the human nature. He sees the people around him as "sheep". These people simply follow orders or do what everyone else does. They are unimportant and mindless to him. He sees no point in paying attention to these "sheep". Woolf clearly understood how easy it was to lose hope in people or see everyone around you as mindless and false, so she gave this idea to Septimus. Since he is "insane", he can see past the visage others put forth. Clarissa also sees this sometimes and, as vain as she may seem sometimes, she shares the wish for things to be more meaningful with Septimus.

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